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Where in Connecticut?

Connecticut (and the rest of the world for that matter) looks so different from above than from the ground.  I spend a good deal of time looking at aerial imagery of Connecticut including different color combinations, times of year (leaves or no leaves) and different years to see change. There are many places that I […]

When it comes to Climate Change— Money Talks

It is generally accepted by climate scientists that New England will experience a trend of increasing intensity and frequency of storms resulting in an increase in flooding and coastal erosion. Recent storms have raised our collective awareness of the damage, both fiscal and physical, that these storms can cause. Consider that Sandy wasn’t even a […]

Celebrating World Water Day at Home

Today, Friday March 22, is World Water Day. Most of us have heard quotes like “the next war will be fought over water” (generally attributed to various U.N. diplomats).  And, on the other side of the water quotation spectrum, there is the oft-repeated but unsubstantiated quote by comedian W.C. Fields, who supposedly said “Water, I […]

Do "We" Believe in Climate Change?

Over the last year and a half here in Connecticut, we have certainly seen our fair share of extreme weather events – Irene, the Halloween nor’easter of 2011, Sandy, Winter Storm NEMO (no relation to our NEMO), etc. These events have certainly had a big physical and financial impact on our state, but may have also […]

What’s 30m land cover good for, anyway?

This week CLEAR unveiled the updated and expanded version of our Changing Landscape (CL) project, which uses remote sensing imagery to look at changes in our landscape over time.  Formerly called “Connecticut’s Changing Landscape,” the project now includes the NY portions of the lower Long Island Sound watershed, and boasts a whopping (not to mention […]

Cool websites

Does anyone actually use the word “cool” anymore (it seems at least to have outlived “groovy”)? Anyway, here are two very cool websites that have very little to do with CLEAR, except that they are focused on the natural world. Give ’em a try. National (real-time) Wind Map The Scale of the Universe 2