Source Water Protection Project

The project systematically and objectively identifies parcels with the most value for source water protection. It uses a GIS inventory of all parcels (properties) occurring either in a surface water protection area (drinking water watersheds) or ground water protection area (aquifer protection areas). Discussion and expert opinion defined a thorough yet reasonable set of metrics for parcels existing in drinking water watersheds and a second list for parcels existing over aquifer protection areas. The metrics were then combined and so each parcel has a rank score identifying those that are most valuable for source water protection.


Parcel Prioritization Viewer
view and explore metric values and map layers


Parcel Priority Dashboard
find parcels with desired criteria, such as high rank


Methods and Metrics
project methods, metric definitions, and more


Help and How-to
for the Map Viewer and Dashboard

Support for this project was provided by the Connecticut Council on Soil and Water Conservation, in partnership with the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

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