Stormwise: Increasing the Storm Resilience of Trees

July 23, 2014

Presented by Mark Rudnicki, UConn Associate Professor, Forest Ecology, Department of Natural Resources and the Environment

Connecticut is a state with magnificent and plentiful forest cover, but we have a continuing problem with trees causing power outages. The STORMWISE initiative, developed at the University of Connecticut, seeks to integrate outreach, education, research and economic feasibility to provide practicable solutions to mitigate tree-related power outages.

This webinar will show how trees acclimate to wind forces and how this knowledge is being used to design solutions to enhance tree strength along power line (distribution) corridors in Connecticut. We will also discuss how these forest management solutions can also promote local wood production and use in everything from flooring and cabinets to biofuel or firewood.
This webinar will also highlight the ongoing efforts in education/outreach to gain public acceptance and adoption of Stormwise practices. This effort is closely aligned with social science research to better understand attitudes and perceptions regarding trees and their management for increased power resilience.

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