We Got Your LID Examples Right Here!

Interested in Low Impact Development (LID), but want a better sense of what it looks like? Well, have we got the tool for you – the National NEMO Network’s National LID Atlas contains nearly 850 examples from 28 states!

For the uninitiated, low impact development (LID) practices include rain gardens, pervious pavement, green roofs, rain barrels, swales, and others. These practices  prevent water pollution by holding and soaking up stormwater on a property rather than letting it run into streams, rivers, and lakes via storm drains.

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The LID Atlas was built by several member programs of the National NEMO Network to provide local governments, businesses, developers, contractors, and homeowners with easy access to examples of these innovative practices. It is a Google Maps mashup with multi-colored markers indicating specific LID practices. The Atlas can be searched by state, town/city, type of practice, land use type (private, commercial, public), or keyword.


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By clicking on a particular marker, you can learn more about that project, see a picture of it, find who installed it, and follow links for more detailed information. A veritable treasure trove of info for the budding LID aficionado!

But enough reading about it, head over here and start exploring!

If you have sites you would like to add to the Atlas, fill out this form or contact david.dickson@uconn.edu.