Author: Chet Arnold

What’s 30m land cover good for, anyway?

This week CLEAR unveiled the updated and expanded version of our Changing Landscape (CL) project, which uses remote sensing imagery to look at changes in our landscape over time.  Formerly called “Connecticut’s Changing Landscape,” the project now includes the NY portions of the lower Long Island Sound watershed, and boasts a whopping (not to mention […]

NEMO Monitoring Project Looks at Nitrogen Processing by Bioretention

Last week CLEAR’s NEMO Program broke ground on a new monitoring project focused on the Low Impact Development (LID) practice of bioretention.  Bioretention is the practice of reducing the quantity, and increasing the quality, of runoff by directing it to a depression filled with plants.  This is the same concept as the more widely recognized rain garden, […]

CLEAR/DEEP Team Wins Award for "CT ECO" Mapping Website

The CLEAR and CT DEEP team responsible for the development and operation of the Connecticut Conditions Online, or CT ECO, website has won the 2012 Public Service Award from the Connecticut Chapter of the American Planning Association. CT ECO is a highly advanced internet mapping site that provides access to the state’s natural resource data. […]