Just Take a Screenshot!

At CLEAR, we work hard to provide geospatial data so that most everybody can view and access the maps and information.  Inevitably, it is never exactly what everyone wants (sigh, I wish it was).  One question that I am repeatedly asked is about printing or exporting.  How do I print just one area of a pdf? How do I print with a different title or text? Or add an arrow or circle an area of interest? The 8.5 by 11 format isn’t quite right.   It doesn’t work right FOR ME.

My next question – what are you trying to do with this map? Often, people want to add it to a document like a report or application.  Or to a slide for a presentation.  No need to bother with traditional printing – just take a screenshot! Lightbulb

First, get the map on the screen just the way you want it.  This could be in a adobe reader, an interactive viewer or anywhere else.  Next, take a “picture” of it.  For Windows, use the built in Snipping Tool.  Macs have a series of short cuts that take screenshots.  Finally, save the image or copy to the clipboard (Windows) or locate it and copy (Mac) and paste in a your document, slide or elsewhere.  So easy!

I use screen shots all the time and maybe you should too!