2012 Award for Excellence in Land Conservation

Tom Worthley and his collaborators received the “2012 Award for Excellence in Land Conservation” for Community Engagement for Forest Stewardship through School System Collaboration. The project was nominated by the Chair of the Haddam Conservation Commission. Recognized by the award committee were the many ways their “management plan, conservation practice (forest improvement) demonstration, use of low-impact techniques and example of locally grown, harvested and utilized wood products” project has been able to engage multiple academic and adult audiences for educational purposes at all stages of the process, provide service learning opportunities, demonstrate local benefits and create a project that can be self-sustaining over time.  Tom cited the role everyone played in helping make this project happen, from the inventory and planning stage to the implementation of the stand treatment to the delivery of lumber to the RSD-17 wood shop, and expressed his appreciation to the team for their commitment to the project.