How Will Climate Change Impact Connecticut?

May 29th, 2024 1:00-2:00PM

Presented by: Owen Placido, UConn CLEAR and Deborah Abibou, Connecticut Sea Grant:

Continued changes to the climate around the world and in Connecticut are inevitable – the consequences of these changes, or climate impacts, are being experienced by Connecticut residents today and will continue to evolve in the coming decades. While it is not possible to say for certain what it will be like to live here in the future, we know that precipitation patterns will change dramatically, temperatures will get warmer, there will be significant changes to our coastline as sea levels rise, and the challenges of climate change will be experienced differently by different communities. A new tool from the Long Island Sound Study, the Long Island Sound Resilience Resource Hub website, will also be highlighted. This website can help communities in NY and CT learn, plan, and implement climate resilient strategies by providing information, case studies, and funding opportunities.

Webinar recording and slides coming soon.