E-Corps: Building Skills and Bolstering Environmental Efforts Across Connecticut

The Environment Corps (E-Corps) was featured in UConn Today’s article, E-Corps: Building Skills and Bolstering Environmental Efforts Across Connecticut. CLEAR’s Extension Educator Emeritus and a Co-Founder, Chet Arnold, was interviewed to talk about the program and its invaluable assistance to Connecticut municipalities with regards to climate change mitigation, all while providing real-world experience to UConn students. Also featured were Mike Dietz and Dave Dickson for their work with Stormwater Corps, as well as Juliana Barrett and her work with Climate Corps, both expansion programs under the E-Corps umbrella. The article not only praised the program but also unveiled the newest addition to the E-Corps website: Program Model. This section provides a guide to the inner workings of E-Corps and how it can be adopted to other subjects and fields. Congrats, Chet and all involved!