A New Tool to Assess Watershed Health in CT

Nov 2, 2022

Presented by Chet Arnold & Qian “Rachel” Lei-Parent, UConn CLEAR

It’s well known that there is a close relationship between watershed health and land use. Until now, however, statewide or other large scale examinations of this relationship have been limited to what can be determined using moderate resolution (30 meter) land cover data. Using amazing new high resolution (1 meter!) land cover for Connecticut provided by NOAA, CLEAR has developed an interactive online watershed health assessment tool that operates at a much finer level. The tool, which pays particular attention to land cover within the riparian corridor, calculates an overall health index and a nitrogen enrichment factor for each of the over 4300 local basins in Connecticut. This webinar will briefly cover the goals and procedures of the study, and devote a good chunk of time to a live demonstration of the tool.

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