Hey everyone, it’s me, the climate. Please don’t forget about me…

I can say without hesitation that 2020 will be a year that will always stand out in my memory. Never have we experienced such a rapid disruption to our lives; COVID has changed EVERTHING. Racial injustice has sparked widespread outcries in the U.S. and around the world. And here in Connecticut, many of us weathered a storm that caused catastrophic damage across the region, adding to the stressors already occurring.

So perhaps it is no surprise that climate change has not been at the top of the headlines lately. But that doesn’t mean that this issue has gone away. In fact, many more worrisome findings continue to make some news: record high temperatures and catastrophic wildfires in Siberia, disappearing ice caps in Canada,  and record setting July temperatures for much of the East Coast (July 2020 was the hottest month ever recorded in Miami).

Fortunately, UConn CLEAR and Sea Grant faculty continue to work tirelessly on this issue. Students and municipalities in the state continue to benefit from the Climate Corps program, where undergraduate students are trained in how to help towns adapt to climate change issues, such as storm surge, flooding, and higher temperatures.  CLEAR has also recently partnered with the American Flood Coalition, a national organization dedicated to helping communities adapt to the precipitation-related impacts of changing climate. The American Flood Coalition is growing rapidly, partnering with hundreds of organizations across the country to help protect communities that are vulnerable to flooding and sea level rise. Fortunately these groups continue to forge ahead, despite the current challenges of 2020, because time is of the essence. Take the time to check out what these great people are doing. Your kids will thank them.