Natural Resources Conservation Academy (NRCA)

March 17, 2015

Presented by John Volin & Laura Cisneros, UConn Department of Natural Resources and Environment, College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources

UConn’s Natural Resources Conservation Academy (NRCA) is a new transformative program that engages high school students in land use and natural resource conservation in an exciting and meaningful way for the student that is beneficial to our communities and environment. Each year ~24 students participate in a week-long field experience at UConn, where they learn from UConn faculty and students as well as other environmental professionals about the natural world in a land use context. Afterwards, the students apply their skills during a seven-month conservation-focused project addressing local environmental issues in their own community under the mentorship of a community partner (e.g. local planners, decision-makers, scientists, environmental professionals on land trusts and conservation/wetland commissions). To date, 53 community projects have been completed or are currently being conducted throughout Connecticut by our NRCA students. These projects have proven to be not only beneficial to the students but to their community partners and communities. During this webinar, we will provide a brief background on the NRCA and discuss examples of NRCA projects conducted throughout the state, successful community partnerships, and the potential benefits of partnering with the NRCA.

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