GIS & Poetry? | Speaking of Connecticut’s Hydrography

If you have not already heard, CT DEEP became Steward of the National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) and CLEAR has agreed to take the helm to update Connecticut’s hydrography.  The NHD  is simply a spatial dataset that represents the lake and river features across the country.  All in all, we are excited that we will soon be able to provide hydrography data based on our most current LiDAR, Orthoimagery, and topographic maps.

Since we are also on the subject of natural resources, it shan’t hurt to mention the upcoming Connecticut Conference on Natural Resources 2015 happening this March.  It is a good opportunity to perhaps learn something new and network all in the name of CT’s natural resources.  And not to mention some of your favorite CLEAR team members will be in attendance and presenting.  We hope to see you all there, so please click the link for more information: Register Here

As one of the a newest members of the CLEAR team I, Andrew Kinlock, have been tasked with creating this week’s blog entry and have chosen to integrate two loves of mine for your reading/listening pleasure: GIS & poetry.  Now, while I admit it is quite nerdy to talk about or even say the words GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS in any space, I am in hopes that the poetry will possibly add some cool points.

So with no more further ado, please read or hear if the personified NHD does speak to you:


The Speaking of CT’s Hydrography

I shoreline easted,

And it became CLEAR for me to see,

The State of CT’s NHD Hydrography.


The road runners rove over its river resources in writhes,

As it really goes to show that the nodes never lie,

Showing intersections of where the two aligned and intertwined –that is, overtime.


It began from the mountaintops from which streams perennially started to mourn,

And being all weir’d out and forlorn,

You hear them cry, “Are we all dammed to scorn?”


And abutting this is every fish’s wish to matter again,

A natural hoping of their offspring not getting caught in the latter end,

They swim upstream saying, “Up and up our fish ladder, ascend!”


So who else will bridge these gaps galore?

With swamp/marshes mellowing out as they approach the sea shore,

Yet canalled calling out, “I think we’ve all been ditched; we abhor it!”


And yet did anyone hear the voice of The Sound clearly?

With its aquatic life resting in the bosom of its bounds yearly,

Silently echoing, “Who shall protect the body ’round my estuary?”


Taking these words in mind I shoreline easted back west,

With the frozen river’s iciness reflecting the sun’s incandescence as it sets,

I then shut my eyes in thankfulness, then doze off in rest.


Seeing squiggly blue lines in my sleep,

Knowing the power at hand over each reach does speak,

All commissioned still, over waters of steward run CT DEEP.


A picture of the frozen-over Connecticut River taken by Joel Stocker's drone in its latest flight.
A picture of the frozen-over Connecticut River taken by Joel Stocker & his drone in its latest flight.