Our Changing Landscape: 1985 – 2010

December 4, 2012

Presented by Emily Wilson and Chet Arnold, UConn CLEAR

How has our local landscape been changing over the last 25 years?CLEAR’s Changing Landscape is an ongoing project that uses remote sensing technology to chart land cover changes over time. Long Island Sound Study funding has allowed CLEAR to expand the project study area to include the portions of New York draining to the Sound, and to add a 2010 dataset that makes the total study period a whopping 25 years. Land cover change, riparian (streamside) zone change, and impervious area are all included in the study, and the information is posted on an extensive interactive website that includes data summaries and maps at the regional, state, major watershed, and small watershed levels. This webinar will introduce you to the study, go over a few basic findings, and give you a virtual tour of the site so that you can dig into the data, maps, and tables on your own. Whether you’re new to CLEAR land cover data or have been impatiently waiting for the update, this webinar is for you!

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