Rain Garden App Coming Soon!

Several CLEAR programs (o.k., since you asked, it’s the CT NEMO, National NEMO Network, and the Geospatial Training Programs) have teamed up to develop a “rain garden” app for smart phones.  A rain garden is a vegetated depression that accepts and infiltrates runoff from a rooftop, driveway of other impervious surface.  Unlike many  “Low Impact Development” (LID) practices that require specialized knowledge and machinery to install, a rain garden can be built by the lowly homeowner.

Mike Dietz oversees rain garden construction by workshop participants. You can do this at home with the new Rain Garden App!

The CLEAR rain garden app will describe rain gardens and why we need them, and have videotaped step by step instructions on siting, construction, planting and maintenance starring the incredibly handsome Dr. Mike Dietz of CT NEMO.  In addition, the app will sport several neat tools to help you determine the right size, and the right plants, for your garden.  Look for it before the leaves turn!