CLEAR 2017 Webinar Series

Road Salt Use in Connecticut:
understanding the consequences of the quest for dry pavement

Running Time: 00:50:07

Road Salt webinar PDF

Road Salt Use in Connecticut Reference Guide


Road salt use continues to increase in cold regions of North America. State Departments of Transportation and Municipal Public Works managers need to provide safe travel conditions for the public, however all of the salt applied to our roads ends up in local surface or groundwater, where it can impact aquatic organisms and contaminate drinking water supplies. This webinar will cover current trends in salt use for deicing, and salt levels in ground and surface waters of the Northeast. Impacts to aquatic life will be discussed. Research at the University of Connecticut on deicing impacts to groundwater and surface water will also be highlighted.


Michael Dietz, CT NEMO Program Director, UConn CLEAR
(860) 345-5225  

Lukas McNaboe is scheduled to complete his Master of Science degree at UConn by May 2017.