CT DEEP Municipal Inland Wetlands Agency Comprehensive Training Program

Description: This online training program allows municipal inland wetlands agencies and their staff to meet the regulatory and training requirements of the Connecticut Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Act (IWWA). This program instructs and guides agency members and staff on (1) the law they are implementing and enforcing and (2) the resources they are charged with protecting. Municipal inland wetlands agencies have the daunting task of balancing support for their community’s economy with the need to protect and restore inland wetland and watercourse resources. This course assists agencies with their responsibilities by examining key sections of the IWWA, important procedures and critical legal concepts for conducting agency business, stream crossing guidelines, habitat enhancement and restoration techniques, maps and site plans, and more! It is strongly recommended that all new municipal inland wetlands agency members and staff complete this training program. Veteran members and staff can benefit from taking the course as it provides a good review of fundamental subject matter.

Who should take this course: Municipal inland wetlands agency members & staff; anyone interested in learning about Connecticut’s Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Act (IWWA), the municipal inland wetlands agency permitting process, and the functions and values of inland wetland and watercourse resources.

Format: Online, at your own pace, 8 modules with text and video content, interactive activities, and module assessments.

Estimated time to complete: 8 hours (Course must be completed within 60 days)

Completion reward:Certificate of Achievement issued by CT DEEP

Cost: Free

For questions regarding course content, please email darcy.winther@ct.gov. In the email subject line, please indicate: IW Online Course Content Question.

Technical support: jean.madden-hennessey@uconn.edu


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