Land Use Commissioner Training

Connecticut Land Use Commissioner Training Calendar

As of January 1, 2023, planning and zoning commissioners in the State of Connecticut are required to attend 4 hours of training each year. For more information on these requirements, review the CT Office of Policy and Management (OPM) guidelines here.

UConn CLEAR, in collaboration with OPM, has set up a statewide Land Use Commissioner Training Calendar (right column) to help towns and commissioners locate training opportunities in line with these requirements. This includes events from providers throughout the state. There are also ongoing virtual trainings offered by CLEAR & CTDEEP that may meet training requirements (see below).

If you are a training provider and would like to add events to this calendar, please fill out this form and your event will be added.

Please note: there is no certification process for these trainings. It is left up to individual town commissions to determine which trainings meet the guidelines.

Explore the CT DEEP and UConn CLEAR training tabs above for self-paced online training courses and other opportunities.

Virtual Advanced Land Use Academy Training: 2/2/2023 – 2/16/2023

This February (2023), CLEAR's Land Use Academy is offering a virtual version of our “Advanced Training” for land use commissioners.  The training will be offered over three consecutive Thursdays in February. All sessions are from 4pm - 5:30pm.

The sessions will include:

  • Bias, Predisposition, and Conflicts, presented by Richard P. Roberts (Feb. 2);
  • Running a Meeting and Making a Decision, presented by Kenneth R. Slater, Jr. (Feb. 9); and
  • Fair and Affordable Housing, presented by Mark Branse (Feb. 16).

If a land use commissioner attended all 3 sessions they could meet most of their training requirement for the year, at least theoretically – it is ultimately up to each town to determine whether the statutory requirements are met.

Folks can register for one or all of those sessions (they are FREE) here: