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Introduction to GPS Mapping with Avenza Maps

This page provides helpful links and resources for participants of CLEAR's half-day, in-person "Introduction to GPS Mapping with Avenza Maps" workshop.

Workshop Syllabus  | Post Workshop Survey

Workshop Material Links

These links accompany the printed materials in the half-day workshop.

Collecting GPS Field Data with Avenza Maps for iOS and Android Devices

Avenza Maps website

Download the Avenza Maps App: iOS and Android

An overview of Avenza Maps features

App Layout

Additional options for iOS users and for Android users - this is where you will find the option to Check for Map Updates as well as to access the app Settings for our Android users.

Learn more about Getting Maps from the Avenza Maps Map Store

to Import a Map

Creating Map Features – Adding a Placemark

For more information about attribute schemas, visit this article located in the Advanced Data Collection section of the Avenza Maps Help.

Creating Map Features - Attribute Schema

View the following tutorials on the Avenza Maps website to learn more about working with an attribute schema.

Draw and Measure Features

View the following tutorials on the Avenza Maps website to learn how to use this tool.

Managing Map Layers

The Layers Tab. From the Layers tab, users can easily manage their layers and map features through the following actions users and see and do including:

Import Map Feature Layers

  • Import as Geofences - Allows you to automatically create geofences on the features imported.  For more information see the article available here.

Other Useful Tips and Tricks:

Location Tools. Visit the Avenza Maps tutorial website to learn more about this and other location tools.

Connecting to an External GPS Device. Visit the Avenza Maps tutorial website to learn more about how to connect an external GPS to Avenza Maps.

Avenza Map Settings. Visit the Avenza Maps tutorial website to learn more about how to change these settings.

Additional Resources

Check out these helpful resources created by the Avenza Maps team.

Using the CT Trail Finder Data Schema in Avenza Maps

Before You Start:

Download the free Avenza Maps app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Visit the Avenza Maps website for more information and check out an overview of Avenza Maps features

Important! Save the CT Trail Finder Data Schema KML file to your device (CT_Trailfinder_AvenzaSchema.kml)

Read the tutorial and watch the Trail Finder data schema how-to video. It moves quickly so use the pause button when you need to!

BONUS: CLEAR Webinar: "Mapping for CT Trail Finder with Avenza Maps"

Visit the CT Trail Finder website

Pointers - Some thing to know and remember

The Avenza Maps team has created a great library of resources to help users. Be sure to check them out:

From GPS to Maps

Google Earth

Go to to learn about them and to launch and download.

Google Maps


First, download QGIS.

QGIS Help and Documentation

Adding Base Layers

Before performing any editing, it is necessary to have some base layers for reference. The instructions here are for adding an image service of aerial imagery for Connecticut. The same steps can be used to add other layers from other servers.

Tips & Tutorials for Using QGIS

QGIS is a free, open-source desktop GIS software. It can do many things, including editing spatial data and creating georeferenced PDF maps that can be uploaded as basemaps to Avenza Maps. Below are a few links to useful QGIS tutorials.

CLEAR tutorials on how to create a Georeferenced PDF in QGIS for Avenza Maps:
Video tutorials  and  step-by-step guidance

A few general tutorials on how to get started with QGIS.

The Forestry Department at the University of Maine at Fort Kent (UMFK) has created a number of very helpful video tutorials for using QGIS to create Avenza-ready maps.

    Tutorials & Technology Resources

    Collecting Field Data with Avenza Maps


    Smartphone App for Apple iOS and Android devices.

    Reference Guide

    Quick Guide (overview)

    Field Guide (detailed)

    CT ECO Logo

    CT Environmental Conditions Online (CT ECO)


    A website containing maps of Connecticut's natural resources.

    CT ECO

    CT Trail Finder Logo

    CT TrailFinder


    An interactive website designed to help residents and visitors find all kinds of trails.


    CT Trail Finder

    CT Trails Program at UConn

    ArcGIS StoryMaps


    Combine interactive maps, digital media and interesting narratives into an engaging web experience.


    ArcGIS StoryMaps gallery

    CLEAR StoryMap gallery

    StoryMaps Tutorial

    Mapping Tools

    Google Maps

    Exporting Data from Track Kit & Epicollect5 into Google Maps.

    Hands-on Activity

    Creating a custom Google Map.

    Google Maps Tutorial

    QGIS logo


    QGIS is a popular open-source GIS with advanced capabilities.

    QGIS User Guide

    ArcGIS Online Logo

    ArcGIS Online

    Interactive maps create immersive experiences that take maps from a static view to an opportunity for users to explore.

    Google Earth Logo

    Google Earth

    Visualize your data on a 3D globe! Fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain and 3D features. Runs in a web browser or download Google Earth Pro on a desktop.

    Launch Google Earth

    Google Earth Resources

    Google Earth How-Tos