Land Use Academy


Geospatial Extension Educator & GTP Program Coordinator

Cary Chadwick

Cary Chadwick, Geospatial Training Program Coordinator, Extension Educator
Telephone: (860) 345-5216

Cary Chadwick joined the University of Connecticut’s Center for Land Use Education and Research (CLEAR) team in 2006 as a member of the Geospatial Training Program. As a geospatial educator, her role is to contribute to the hands-on technical training classes offered by the program on the use of geographic information systems and global positioning systems. Cary is also actively involved in a number of collaborative research projects that integrate geospatial technologies to better manage and understand natural resource systems.

Cary is a graduate of Gettysburg College with a B.S. in Environmental Studies. She also holds a M.S. in Environmental Science from the University of New Haven. She is also a certified GIS Professional (GISP).  


Geospatial Extension Educator & Geospatial Technology Specialist

Emily Wilson

Emily Wilson, Extension Educator
Telephone: (860) 345-5226

Emily Wilson an Extension Educator and Geospatial Technology Specialist. Since joining UConn in 2000, her role has been to provide GIS remote sensing information and support to the Center, the Geospatial Training Program and other related research and outreach efforts. She also does a significant amount of web work with the goal of providing easy access to geospatial information and maps. 

Emily is a graduate of Connecticut College with a BA in environmental science and botany. She received her M.S. in forestry and remote sensing from the University of Maine. She is also a certified GIS Professional (GISP).


Extension Educator & Mobile Mapping Guy

Joel Stocker

David Dickson, Extension Educator
Phone: (860) 345-5228

Dave Dickson started at CLEAR as the coordinator of the National NEMO Netowrk. These days, Dave serves a number of critical roles at CLEAR including providing valuable assistance in GTP's mobile apps and smartphone mapping workshops.

Dave has both a J.D. and a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Colorado. Dave is also a UConn alum, with a BA in Anthropology and Political Science.


Assistant Research Professor & Python Scripting Master

Joel Stocker
Jason Parent, Assistant Research Professor, CANHR
Phone: (860) 992-4539

Dr. Jason Parent is an assistant research professor in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment at UConn’s College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources (CAHNR). He specializes in the application of remote sensing and geospatial technologies to address problems involving natural resources. He teaches the GTP Python scripting workshops beacuse he's pretty great at it.

Jason is a UConn alum. He earned a Ph.D. and an M.S. from UConn in Natural Resources with concentrations in Earth Resources Information Systems and Landscape Ecology. He also earned a B.S. in Environmental Science and Biology from UConn.