Advanced Training

This training will include plenty of time for audience participation, questions, observations, etc.

4.5 AICP CM credits pending including 1.5 law credits

Bias, Pre-disposition (predetermination) and Conflicts


  • How bias and conflicts are defined
  • Ex-Parte communications
  • Appearance and representation by Commission members
  • Financial or other interests
  • Relatives
  • Conduct during the meeting
  • Recusal

Implementing and Enforcing Land Use Decisions


  • Permissible scope of land use approvals
  • Limits on the use of modifications and conditions
  • Appropriate imposition of off-site improvements
  • Construction and bonding of public improvements and E&S controls
  • Open space and project mitigation
  • Payments in lieu
  • Enforcement of subdivision approvals
  • Zoning and wetlands enforcement- who, what, where and how

      Running a Meeting and Making a Decision


      • Pre-application meetings
      • Keeping control of the meeting (who speaks, when, hostile crowd control, etc.)
      • Voting by commissioner who misses a meeting
      • Seating alternates
      • Running a public hearing
      • Evaluation of evidence 22a-19
      • Environmental interventions
      • Standards and criteria
      • Proper motions
      • Findings
      • Keeping the record
      • What to do with reports (IWWC, traffic, CTDEP, neighboring towns, RPAs, consultants, etc.)