Landscape Fragmentation Tool 2


Download Instructions

  1. To download the tool, simply click on the download below and save the zip file to your local computer.

  2. Unzip the file. The folder contains an ArcGIS toolbox file (.tbx extension) and a python script file (.py extension). These two files should remain together in this folder in order for the script to run correctly. The download also contains a symbology layer file (.lyr extension) which you can use to set the legend for the output file created by the tool.

  3. To install the toolbox in ArcMap, right-click in ArcToolbox and select Add Toolbox. Specify the toolbox file (.tbx extension) from the downloaded folder.

  4. Expand the Landscape Fragmentation Analysis toolbox and double-click on the Landscape Fragmentation Tool script to run.

Be sure to read the help documentation in the right-hand column of the window and also in the html documentation page (access by clicking the Help button at top of the Help column). The help documentation contains important information on how to use the tool properly.


download Landscape Fragmentation Tool v2.0 (SA) spatial analyst required
download Landscape Fragmentation Tool v2.0 (nSA) spatial analyst not required


Usage Tips and Contraints

Requires: ESRI ArcGIS 9.2 or 9.3 (ArcView level) or ArcGIS 10.0.