Landscape Fragmentation Tool 2

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An Improved Method for Classifying Forest Fragmentation - The presentation provides an overview of the Landscape Fragmentation Tool v2.0. The presentation discusses the input data required for the tool, the definitions of the fragmentation classes, and the output results generated by the tool. NEARC 2008. 2.5 Mb

Simulating Future Suburban Development in Connecticut - The presentation proposes a method to simulate future changes in forest fragmentation resulting from suburban development in northeastern United States. Analysis results are presented for several towns in Connecticut. ASPRS 2007. 6.6 Mb

Forest Fragmentation in Connecticut: What Do We Know and Where Are We Headed? - This presentation provides an overview of forest fragmentation in the state of Connecticut. As the title says, what do we know and where are we headed. CT Forest Forum November 2006. 12.4 Mb