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GSI Bridgeport is a project that engages the community in the planning and construction of Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) practices such as rain gardens, pervious pavements and green roofs. It is a partnership of the City of Bridgeport, the University of Connecticut, and Michael Singer Studio, funded by the Surdna Foundation. Our goal is to create a model of green stormwater infrastructure implementation that will incorporate public education, civic engagement, community building, youth involvement, and artful design and place-making into ongoing urban stormwater management efforts in Bridgeport, CT. 

The project team is taking a 3-step approach:

Step 1

Entails a collaborative scoping effort that will identify 2-3 on-the-ground “micro-GSI” projects that will enhance Bridgeport’s “B-Green” Initiative, complement Surdna’s investment in Rebuild by Design, and serve as a replicable model for other communities.

Step 2

Will be to identify a major GSI opportunity within the context of in-the-pipeline capital improvement projects, and assist the City in designing and implementing the GIS practice.

Step 3

Will be to catalyze the replication of the project model within Bridgeport, through disseminating project information and results to a broad constituency including students, community groups, and City staff.