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UConn Green Infrastructure Tour

A "virtual” tour of green infrastructure installations on the UConn Campus. Visit Site

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Supporting Connecticut Communities

report cover
CLEAR has just issued a brief overview of the Center, focused primarily on the last 5 years and particularly on our newest programs. The report is filled with updates, facts and figures on CLEAR research, outreach, tools and training. It’s light on text, but weighty on information.

View the Center's new Supporting Connecticut Communities report

CLEARscapes Newsletter


Our most recent Center newsletter is now online.

CLEARscapes Spring 2017 Newsletter



Legal Issues in the Age of Climate Change

The Climate Adaptation Academy team recently released a series of fact sheets, created as a result of the many questions raised at the sold-out Climate Adaptation Academy workshop held back in 2015.

CLEAR Destinations

CLEAR is comprised of the following award-winning outreach and research programs and projects, each focused on providing information, education and other assistance to Connecticut Communities. Read Overview


The Connecticut Environmental Conditions Online (CT ECO) internet mapping site has a mission to encourage, support, and promote informed land use and development decisions in Connecticut by providing local, state and federal agencies, and the general public with convenient access to the most up-to-date and complete natural resource information available statewide. CT ECO is a collaboration of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) and CLEAR.


Geospatial Training

Hands-on training courses for land use decision-makers to introduce new users to geographic information systems (GIS), global positioning systems (GPS) and remote sensing technologies.


Climate Adaptation Academy

Provides information on current adaptation research, policy and practice, and serves to promote an exchange of information between municipal officials, researchers, and other professionals.



Educating land use decision-makers and community organizations about the impacts of land use on natural resources, particularly water resources.

Land Use Academy

Provides land use decision-makers the knowledge and skills needed to serve effectively on a land use board through a series of workshops.


Forestry/Tree Wardens

Forestry Program

Provides information and assistance to private land owners and local communities on how to better manage their forest lands.



Tree Warden Outreach

Provides tree wardens, deputy tree wardens, elected and appointed public officials, and community forestry volunteers with education and assistance on tree warden duties, roles and responsibilities and urban and community forestry.


National NEMO Network

A national network of NEMO programs that educate land use decision-makers and community organizations about the links between land use and natural resource protection.



LERIS is the main research program of CLEAR, and the principal place at the University of Connecticut for conducting remote sensing and GIS research focused on natural resources, landscape characterization and change, and the interaction of the two.


Additional Information
MS4 Guide

The MS4 Guide is part of a broad outreach effort to provide guidance, training, tools and other support to help MS4 communities and institutions comply with the requirements of the new MS4 general permit.

Changing Landscape

Changing Landscape is a remote sensing-based land cover study that charts landscape changes in the portions of CT and NY draining to Long Island Sound. The study covers the 25-year period from 1985 to 2010, and includes information on basic land cover, riparian corridor land cover, and impervious cover.


Riparian Corridors

Riparian, or streamside, corridors are known to be environmentally important areas critical to stream stability, pollutant removal, and both aquatic and terrestrial wildlife habitat.


Agricultural Fields & Soil

An analysis of the status and trends of agricultural fields in Connecticut, and how they relate to the statewide data on agricultural soils of importance. Completed in 2010, using CLEAR's Changing Landscape data from 1985 to 2006.


Forest Fragmentation

A look at Connecticut's forests based on a CLEAR-adapted model that looks at the size of existing forest patches, as applied to our Changing Landscape data.


Low Impact Development Atlas

A Google Maps tool that provides information on LID or "Green Infrastructure" practices. Our National Atlas has over 1,000 entries!


Shellfisheries Mapping Atlas

A collaboration with CT Sea Grant, the Atlas is a high-tech web map with key information related to the state's shellfisheries.


Impervious Cover TMDL

A national precedent-setting Clean Water Act regulation, set right on the UConn campus. Learn how we did it, and how it's doing.


Emerald Ash Borer

The emerald ash borer (EAB) is a non-native insect with the potential to have a devastating effect on the ash trees of Connecticut. learn more

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We hope that you find the information, data, tools, training, outreach, and mapping resources of CLEAR useful.

Over 75% of CLEAR's work is supported not by direct state dollars, but by competitive grants acquired from a variety of sources. Hence, our ability to develop and implement our projects is limited, and our work is largely determined by this ever-changing mixture of funding. CLEAR programs and staff are often in a tenuous position, thereby jeopardizing CLEAR's ability to maintain its record of excellence and service to the communities and citizens of Connecticut

If you value our work, we hope that you would consider supporting it through a tax-deductible donation to CLEAR's UConn Foundation account.

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Maps as Art

Maps as Art is a gallery of screen captures depicting various land cover maps and remotely sensed images that were chosen by CLEAR staff for their visual interest and/or beauty rather than for their research-based or educational value. Why, because we can.

View Gallery