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The UConn Center for Land Use Education and Research (CLEAR) provides information, education and assistance to land use decision makers, in support of balancing growth and natural resource protection.


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Next Webinar - April 24
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Landsat & Sentinel-2: Satellite Based Sensors for Observation & Analysis of Connecticut’s Landscape

Tue, April 24th, 2018 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT


There is no shortage of available imagery to view the landscape of Connecticut, or any place in the world for that matter. Imagery comes in all types of spatial, spectral, radiometric and temporal resolutions, and each serves its purpose depending on the objectives of the person using it. The U.S. based Landsat series of multi-spectral satellite sensors has been collecting global imagery since 1972. A more recent satellite series, Sentinel-2, first launched in 2015 by the European Space Agency, is Landsat like and also provides global coverage. While these sensors may only provide moderate spatial resolution (10m – 60m) imagery, they are rich in spectral information, and together these satellites collect imagery over Connecticut at less than a seven-day interval. The best part, these data can be downloaded and used free. This webinar will briefly overview the Landsat and Sentinel-2 sensors, provide information about the images and how to download the data, and show examples of potential applications of this type of data in Connecticut using ArcGIS, along with some online resources for viewing the imagery.

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It All Depends on Where You Live: Climate Change & Environmental Security Beyond our Borders

Tue, May 15th, 2018 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT


2018 Webinar Schedule

Land Use Training

Land Use Academy Website | Contact Bruce Hyde

Basic Legal Issues

  • April 19, 2018, Vernon, CT
  • April 30, 2018, Mansfield, CT
  • May 10, 2018, Fairfield, CT

Fundamentals of Reading Plans

  • April 25, 2018, Norwich, CT
  • May 21, 2018, Fairfield, CT
  • May 31, 2018, Mansfield, CT
Geospatial Training

Geospatial Training Website | Contact Cary Chadwick

  • Intro GIS, May 16-18
  • Intro to Python Scripting, June 6-7

Featured Projects

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CT MS4 Guide

CT NEMO is providing tools, training and other support to communities facing new stormwater rules under the MS4 general permit. 

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CLEAR Story Map Gallery

Story Maps combine interactive maps with photos, videos, graphics and more. From bears to breakwaters, we’ve got something for you here. Check it out! 

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New Imagery on the New CT ECO Website

Check out the new, statewide 2016 high resolution aerial imagery on the updated CT ECO website!

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Adapt CT

A CLEAR partnership with Connecticut Sea Grant providing outreach, tools and learning opportunities focused on climate adaptation in Connecticut communities.

CLEAR Program Areas

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Land use is a major determinant of both water quality and water quantity. CLEAR has several projects and programs focusing on the impact of urbanization on water resources.

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Land & Climate

Land use is the bottom line! At CLEAR we have research, tools and outreach programs to help people make more informed land use decisions that protect their natural resources and make them more resilient to a changing climate.

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CLEAR's mapping expertise is focused on remote sensing analysis, development of online geospatial land use tools, and training for professionals and others in the use of various types of geospatial technology.

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Connecting Connecticut high school students, adult volunteers and teachers with conservation efforts at the community level.