CLEAR 2017 Webinar Series

Climate Adaptation Legal Questions and Answers (and More Questions)

Running Time: 00:50:57


This webinar will provide answers to a number of the questions raised at Legal Issues in the Age of Climate Adaptation, a conference held by UConn CLEAR and and Connecticut Sea Grant’s Climate Adaptation Academy in late 2015. The questions, which came from the audience members during the course of a panel discussion with prominent land use attorneys, were reviewed by the Marine Affairs Institute & RI Sea Grant Legal Program at Roger Williams University School of Law. The Legal Program then developed four fact sheets covering the following topics: Property and Permitting Boundaries at the Shoreline, Governmental Tort Liability for Disclosure of Flood Hazard Information, Takings and Coastal Management, and Flood and Erosion Control Structures. The CLEAR/Connecticut Sea Grant climate team will be joined by two attorneys to go over the answers and discuss the issues raised in these fact sheets, including a review of recent court decisions impacting these topics.


Bruce Hyde, Land Use Academy Director, UConn CLEAR
(860) 345-5229

Juliana Barrett, Coastal Habitat/Resilience Educator, CT Sea Grant
(860) 405-9106