CLEAR 2015 Webinar Series

More Than Just a Picture? The Basics of Remotely Sensed Imagery

Running Time: 01:03:56


We have all seen remotely sensed imagery, and many of us use imagery as a background layer to our GIS maps and to derive spatial information. But, how many of us really understand the process of how that image was collected and what it is showing us, or could show us? Furthermore, how many of us are aware of the wide variety of imagery that is available and how to access and use these images? This webinar will provide a basic overview of the remote sensing process and describe what we are really seeing in an image and how it is collected, describe various types of imagery that are available and where they can be obtained, and present some basic interpretation techniques to derive spatial information from the imagery.


Daniel Civco, CLEAR Co-Director, Professor of Geomatics, Professor Emeritus

James Hurd, Research Associate, LERIS
(860) 486-4610