CLEAR 2015 Webinar Series

Using the Aquaculture Mapping Atlas for Fun and Profit

Running Time: 00:49:39


This webinar will highlight the forest stand conditions along roadsides that contribute to the tree issues we encounter during high-intensity wind-storm events. It will also explore how traditional arboriculture and silviculture by themselves have not adequately addressed the management issue. A new approach will be introduced that blends the two scopes of practice and can be applied to protect the roadside forests we all love while growing and maintaining them in a healthier way. The webinar will end with a discussion of all the stakeholder groups that must be involved to operationalize the approach across the landscape.


Cary Chadwick, Geospatial Training Program Coordinator
(860) 345-5216

Tessa Getchis, Aquaculture, Shellfish Management, UConn Extension