CLEAR 2011 Webinar Series

An Introduction to Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Technology & Smartphone Mapping "Apps" Webinar

Running Time: 00:55:30


In today’s high tech world, it’s hard to go anywhere without seeing how the Global Positioning System (GPS) influences our daily activities. GPS technology is built into many new products, from smartphones to smart shoes. This webinar will introduce you to the magic behind the Global Positioning System and will discuss topics including how to choose a GPS unit to meet your needs, how to collect and display GPS data on a map and how to link photographs to a geographic location. This webinar will also discuss new trends in smartphone technology and methods for mapping field points using an iPhone or iPad.


Cary Chadwick, Geospatial Training Program Coordinator
(860) 345-5216

David Dickson, National NEMO Network Coordinator, UConn CLEAR
(860) 345-5228