College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Center for Land Use Education and Research

Agricultural Fields and High Quality Agricultural Soils

The latest version of CLEAR’s Connecticut’s Changing Landscape  (CCL) project was not only an update (to 2006), but an upgrade – CCL Version 2 now includes a new land cover class, agricultural fields. This site summarizes an analysis of the status and trends of agricultural fields in Connecticut, and how they relate to the statewide data on agricultural soils of importance.

Click here to see the Research Summary (6Mb pdf) for this analysis.

CT Ag Fields CT Ag Soils

Agricultural Fields from CCL Land Cover.

High Quality Agricultural Soils. Dark orange areas are classified as Prime Farmland Soils by the US Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service. Light orange areas are classified as Additional CT Important Farmland Soils.

See Statewide Information page for larger views of these maps and many more.