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Smartphone GPS Resources

Below are resources to help navigate the smartphone GPS data collection apps currently on the market. These are basic apps intended to collect point data in the field along with a few basic lines of text and a photograph or video.

Presentation Slides:

Using Smartphone Apps for Basic Data Collection

Recommended iOS GPS Mapping App:

Track Kit ($1.99 or $6 Pro Version) Android version is also NOW AVAILABLE.


Recommended Android GPS Mapping Apps:

Track Kit is now available for Android.

Another useful app: Locus Map (Free or $8.27) - Details!

Embedded Output Maps:

Google Maps (using Track Kit GPS data):



Track Kit Web Map:

ArcGIS Online Web Map:

View Larger Map

ArcGIS Online "Story Map"


Compare Other GPS Apps:

Click your preferred operating system to view a comparison table of low cost smartphone GPS apps.

Compare Outputs:

Click to view a table of data outputs from low cost smartphone GPS apps.

Smartphone App Reference Guides:

Locus App Reference Guide: PDF

Track Kit App Reference Guide:PDF


Hands On Mapping Exercises:

Downloading & Using Track Kit App for iOS: PDF

Make a web map with Track Kit output:PDF

Making custom online maps:
Introduction to ArcGIS Online

Accessing CT's public domain mapping data:
Introduction to CT Environmental Conditions Online (CTECO)

Web Tools for Map Making:

ArcGIS Online (sign up for a free account)
Google Map Maker
Google Earth

Data Conversion Tools:

DNRGPS (for PCs)
Garmin Basecamp (PCs and Macs)

View the demo video below for tips on using DNRGPS:


Recorded Webinar:

State of the GPS "Apposphere" (2013) - Navigating Smartphone Data Collection Apps:
Click to view recording