Land Use Academy

Introduction to GIS and ArcGIS10.1 Resources

This file is intended for those who have completed CLEAR's three-day Introduction to GIS training course. The data file below contains all of the course data needed to repeat exercises in the training manual. It is intended to be used with ArcGIS10.1 desktop GIS software and the exercises in the Introduction to GIS training manual. The data is intended for personal use only and should not be shared with those who have not completed the three day training course.

© University of Connecticut, 2013.


Click HERE to download the GISEd10 data folder.


Click on the link above and select Save File. Save the file to a location on your hard drive.


After the GISEd10.exe file downloads, double-click on it. A window will open with a message describing where to save the extracted file.


Change the pathname to C:\ and click Extract.


A message will appear when the files are extracted.


The GISEd10 folder should now appear on your Local (C:) drive. You're ready to go!