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Maps on the Web

Using Google Tools to Create Maps on the Web

July 16, 2010, University of Hawaii, Oahu

July 21, 2010, University of Hawaii, Maui


Got lots of maps and information, but not sure how to get it out to your target audiences?

This one day workshop will train attendees how to utilize Google Earth and Google Maps to create interactive maps for their websites. Once the domain solely of specially trained GIS and web experts, these Google tools are providing new methods for anyone to effectively convey geographic data and information over the web. View the flyer (pdf) to learn more.

Required: Your own laptop with Google Earth and Google Earth browser plugin downloaded (see attached technical requirements). Please have these items before coming to our training.


Tuesday June 2: Simple Techniques & Basic Mashups
9:00 AM Welcome & Laptop Testing
9:30 AM Introduction to Putting Maps on the Web
10:00 AM Google Maps: overview presentation
10:30 AM break
10:45 AM Google Maps: exercise
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Q & A/Discussion on Google Maps
1:15 PM Google Earth: overview presentation
1:45 PM Google Earth: exercise
2:45 PM Google Embed Map Gadget: exercise
3:15 PM break
3:30 PM Mashup Resources and Next Steps: presentation
4:00 PM Rush home to create gorgeous mashups


For Participants

Click to access the youtube video in the exercise. From here, you can click on "Embed" and copy the code instead of typing it by hand!

Click to access a page showing examples of embedded maps.