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Learning How to Share:
Techniques and Considerations for Disseminating Data

First presented at the Adding Remotely Sensing Information to Your GIS Toolbox, Nov 27-29, 2007, NOAA Coastal Services Center, Charleston, South Carolina.

This workshop was presented to get GIS users started on sharing geospatial data over the web. It is organized from simple to complex techniques. Sharing geospatial data and maps on the web does not need to be complicated or expensive. In fact, some methods are free AND simple

Group Picture Jennifer Dare Ben Houston Barron Orr Katie Kneis Monique Myers Kate Woodruff Dave Dickson Emily Wilson John Rozum David Vyoral Emma Melvin John McGee Chet Arnold Dave Eslinger Amy Cary Chadwick Frank Burris Patrick Beggs Greg Bonynge Shane Bradt Pedro Patrick Bresnahan Jeff Vernon

Arnold, Chet University of Connecticut NEMO
Beggs, Patrick NCSU NEMO
Bonynge, Greg University of Rhode Island Geospatial Extension Program NGTEN
Bradt, Shane UNH Cooperative Extension NGTEN
Bresnahan, Patrick Richland County, SC NACo
Burris, Frank Oregon State University NEMO
Dickson, David UConn CLEAR/National NEMO NEMO
Houston, Benjamin IAGT IAGT
Johnston, Erik National Association of Counties NACo
Kneis, Katie IAGT IAGT
McGee, John Virginia Tech NGTEN
Melvin, Emma Lake Champlain Sea Grant NEMO NEMO
Myers, Monique University of California Sea Grant/UCCE NEMO
Orr, Barron University of Arizona NGTEN
Parker, Deborah Westchester County, NY NACo
Prisloe, Sandy University of Connecticut NGTEN
Rozum, John University of Connecticut NEMO
Searing, Mary Anne Arundel County, MD NACo
Vernon, Jeff Clemson University NEMO
Vyoral, David Aransas County, TX NACo
Wilson, Emily University of Connecticut NEMO
Woodruff, Kate University of Connecticut NEMO