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Maps on the Web

Using Google Tools to Display Geographic Information on the Web

NERRS/NERRA Annual Meeting, Shepherdstown, WV

Got lots of maps and information, but not sure how to get it out to your target audiences?

This three hour workshop will train attendees how to utilize Google Maps to create interactive maps for their websites. Once the domain solely of specially trained GIS and web experts, these Google tools like Google Maps and Google Earth are providing new methods for anyone to effectively convey geographic data and information over the web.

The NERRS Centralized Data Management Office (CDMO) provides information and geographic data to all of the reserves in the NERRS network. We encourage any NERRS participants to visit the site for more information.

Training requirement: A Google Account. For information on how to register for your free account, click here.

Let's See an Example! A Google Maps Mashup showing data for the San Francisco Bay NERR

View San Francisco Bay NERR in a larger map

Want More?! Take a peek at other examples of embedded maps.