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Mashup madness is sweeping the web and you too can be a part of it! Start small, have fun and be creative. Below are some resources to get you on your way to creating your own mashup masterpiece!

Mashup Must-Haves

The Ultimate Mashup Glossary - Ultimately the best go-to guide for mashup terms.

Google Maps API Code Cheatsheet - A visual example of what code should go where.

Helpful Resources on Google Earth, Google Maps, KML and the Google Maps API

Google Earth Resources
Google Earth User Guide
Google Earth Help
Google Earth Community
Google LatLong
Google Earth Blog
Google Map Resources
Google Map Help
Google My Maps Help
Google Maps Mania Blog
KML Resources
Google Code - KML Guide
Google KML Tutorial
KML Interactive Sampler
Google Earth Hacks (KML Library)
Export2KML for ArcGIS
Embed KML Gadget
Google Map API Resources
Google Maps API Reference
Google Code Playground


Examples: Mashups, Mashups, and More Mashups!

Mapdango - An extensive Google Maps mashup that lets you explore locations with helpful information including weather (WheatherBug), photos (Flickr), facts (Wikipedia), events (Eventful), news (Google News) and more!

Cost2Drive - Accurately predict the cost of gas on any road trip. Combines local and average gas prices with google maps and vehicle-specific MPG data.

CrimeReports - A Google Maps mashup that lets you search crime reports by location in near real-time.

FundRace 2008 - A mapping mashup that lets you search by name or address to see which US presidential candidate your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors are contributing to.

WikiMapia - A mashup that combines Google Maps with a wiki system.