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Interactive Mapping Software


Alta4 sells HTML ImageMapper NG2 that uses ArcGIS to author data, created from an ArcMap document, for publishing on the Internet.  Data can be viewed – panned, zoomed and queried – using a web browser or Google Earth.  There are no plug-ins or special viewing software required.  The browser version of the maps replicate an interactive web mapping application but use a set of scaled static images.

Alta 4 Example


ProGeos is a company that utilizes open source GIS software called CadCorp. For a monthly fee, ProGeos will create your online maps, host them and maintain them. The UConn Map Library now uses ProGeos to host a wealth of historic and current map data.

Check out the ProGeos section of the UConn Map Library! Choose a map from the list and select GO MAP. Notice the ability to turn on multiple maps from different eras, as well as the keyhole tool.


ER Mapper Image Web Server

ER Mapper (recently acquired by ERDAS) is a high-speed, specialized server application that efficiently distributes large volumes of geospatial image data. It uses ECW and JPEG 2000 compression to serve large quantities of image data. Like ArcIMS and ArcGIS Server, you need a server and the software to get it going.

ERMapper has a plugin for ArcMap. Visit this page and download the ArcGIS 8.x and 9.x ECW JPEFG 2000 plugin 4.1. After installing the plugin, a toolbar is available to add to ArcMap. The toolbar allows ArcMap to connect to ER Mapper Image Web Server services.

Visit other ER Mapper Image Web Server sample websites here.