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ArcExplorer is a lightweight GIS data viewer written in Java that can be used to perform basic GIS functions (view, navigate, and query data). It is a downloadable application that operates in a stand-alone environment and does not need to connect to a server the way ArcGIS Explorer or other Earth Browsers do. It runs on Windows, Apple Macintosh, UNIX and Linux computers.

DownloadGet your free ArcExplorer GIS data viewer from ESRI.

  • Very easy to use for both client and server.
  • Appropriate for basic GIS functions (view, navigate, query) and is stand-alone, so does not need to be connected to server.
  • Great for users to obtain data online and use it to build maps without much GIS/mapping background.
  • Can only connect to ArcIMS servers, not ArcGIS Server compatible.
Required in order to use with an internet map service an ArcIMS website with accessible data files
Know-how Necessary Very little
Cost Free
Requires to Use (besides the internet and a browser) Download and install ArcExplorer

Adding an Internet Mapping Service to ArcExplorer


Activity Link Try it on your own! Click the activity link to open a step-by-step exercise that takes you through the process of connecting to an ArcIMS mapping service in ArcExplorer!