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Pros/Cons Pros: MapBuilder provides a simple to use interface for creating, sharing, and publishing maps. It provides a wizard-like GUI with step-by-step instructions for building functionality into your map and generates source code when you're done that can be copied and pasted into a Google Maps API or Yahoo Maps API and published on your website. No knowledge of the Google Maps or Yahoo! Maps API or with JavaScript is necessary! Other features include: collaborative map development (allows multiple parties to access and edit a map); import data function to add existing locations to your map; decent help files and lots and lots of examples of mashups created with MapBuilder. And best of all, it's FREE!

Cons: Creator and collaborators need a MapBuilder account (yet another password to remember) to create source code for their API. The MapBuilder development team offers "custom" source code for projects that requires a more complex navigation interface-the downside is that it comes with a price tag. Currently, the only map APIs supported by MapBuilder are Google Maps API and Yahoo! Maps API.
Required in order to Create is freely accessible through a browser. The map creator and any subsequent collaborators need to create a MapBuilder account to access the tools for building, editing, and sharing the map. Map source code generated by MapBuilder requires you to have your own Google Maps or Yahoo! Maps API key. These API keys are available for free and can be downloaded here (Google Maps API) or here (Yahoo! Maps API).
Know-how Necessary Some familiarity with maps
Cost Free (an internet connection)
Requires to Use (besides the internet and a browser) A Google Maps or Yahoo! Maps API key is necessary to implement your map on a website.

MapBuilder is a mashup development tool that allows a user to very quickly build custom Google and Yahoo maps without any knowledge of the Google or Yahoo Maps API and JavaScript. It provides a user-friendly interface and a simple step-by-step process for creating a custom map. Once you have created your perfect map using the simple wizard-like interface, MapBuilder provides the source code for you to copy and paste into your Google or Yahoo API and publish on your organization's website.

A simple interface allows you to add functionality to your API with a click of a button! You have much more customization choices with MapBuilder than you do with Google My Maps, and as you click away, MapBuilder automatically edits the code, so you don't have to!

Visit MapBuilder's website HERE to start building your own internet map applications!


Activity Link

This MapBuilder activity shows you how to setup a MapBuilder map and easily generate fancy, customized coding and then add that code to your Google Maps API code on your webpage. Your map's a copy-paste away!