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Putting Maps and Geographic Data on the Web

This website is designed to get researchers, educators, and outreach professionals started on sharing geospatial data over the web. It is organized from simple to complex techniques. Some require knowledge of GIS Software, but many do not. Sharing geospatial data and maps on the web does not need to be complicated or expensive. In fact, some methods are free AND simple.

Use the table below or navigation buttons on the right to explore some of the different approaches to putting maps and geographic data on the web. Note: This website is currently under construction.

This website is part of UConn CLEAR's "Maps on the Web" project, which is funded by the USDA NIFA Water Quality program. The project will include national and regional workshops, webinars, this website, and content on the eXtension map@syst website.

Keep it Simple: Static Images

  Static images (screenshots)
  Regular PDFs
  Creating Multiple Maps using Mapbook
  The Image Mapper Tool

Application + Geospatial data = Cool Map Mashup (The Piggy Back Approach)

  Map Mashups 101 (What is a Mashup?)
  Simple Mashups using Google MyMaps
  Getting or Creating Geospatial Data for a Mashup (Creating KMLs)
  Graduating to Advanced Mashups
  Tips and Tricks and Other Cool Mashups
  Feb. 22, 2010 Mashup Madness Workshop Exercises

Interactive Map Services and Viewers

  ESRI Interactive Map Services (ArcIMS)
  ESRI ArcGIS Services (ArcGIS Server)
  Other Interactive Mapping Software

Consuming Interactive Services

  Free ArcGIS Explorer and ArcExplorer
  Where to find Interactive Services