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Load up Your Laptop

In order for you to get the most out of the session, we recommend getting your laptop ready ahead of time. Follow the links and instructions below. It's going to be great!

Necessary for Training Exercises:

Adobe Reader 9

The link takes you to the Adobe Reader 9 page. Click on Get Adobe Reader graphic or Download Adobe Reader. On the following page, click Download Now.

An up-to-date internet browser (Internet Explorer 7 or higher)

The download link takes you to a microsoft website. Click Download now. Choose to save the exe file to your computer. After it downloads, double-click on the exe file to install Internet Explorer 8.

Google Earth

The link takes you to the Google Earth download page. Click on the Download Google Earth 5.0 image on the right side of the window. Read the Terms and Agreements and click Agree and Download. In the next window, click Run Google Earth to test the application. Assuming you are connected to the internet, Google Earth will open.

A Google Account ( if you don't have one already)

It couldn't be easier. Follow the link and enter an email address - any will do. Choose a password and a couple of other things, then click I accept. Create my account. That's it!

TerraGo Desktop (Formerly known as the GeoPDF Toolbar)*

Follow the link and click on the box that says Free Download and TerraGo Desktop.  Fill in your name and hit the Submit button. Click the GeoPDF Toolbar- TerraGO Collaboration Suite link. Save File. After the file has downloaded, double-click the exe file and select Run.

Not Necessary, but Useful:

DNR Garmin*

The link will take you to the DNRGarmin Application page. Scroll down to the Download Program section (almost at the bottom of the page). Click on the DNRGarmin 5.4.1 link. Save and unzip the file to a folder on your computer. Open the folder and double-click on dnrgarminsetup54.exe. Select Run. An installation wizard will open. Accept all program defaults (just click the Next button) and click Accept on the License Agreement page. After the program has been installed, click Finish to close the wizard.

Website Development Tools (for Extra Credit Exercises

NoteTab Light

NoteTab Light is a basic text editor. It is userful for creading html code necessary for creating a web page. The link will take you to the Fookes Software webpage. Click on the Downloads tab at the top of the window. On the Downloads page, under NoteTab 6.12, select NoteTab Light (Full Product) EXE download option. Save and run the EXE file to install NoteTab Light on your computer.


KompoZer is a complete web authoring system that allows you to manage web files and edit webpages within a simple editing environment. Follow the link on the left to the KompoZer website. Click on the Download icon in the middle of the page. Select the software version most suitable for your computer. Save the program file and then run the setup file to install KompoZer on your computer.


Cyberduck in an open source FTP browser for Macs. Go to the Cyberduck website by clicking on the download icon on the left. From the Cyberduck webpage, click on the most recent version (currently Cyberduck-3.2.1.dmg) on the right side of the page. Save the program file and run the setup to install Cyberduck on your computer.

*Windows Only

**Mac Only

OPTIONAL for ArcMap Users:

Mapbook for Microsoft XP*

The download page is intimidating. Just scroll to the bottom and find the Download Now place. The zip file you download includes a word document that explains installation and how to use the tool. 

Mapbook for Vista*

Click the I agree icon and then click Download. Save the file to your disk. Unzip the folder and run the INSTALL.bat file to install the program. The zip file you download also includes a word document that explains installation and how to use the tool. 

Image Mapper Tool*

Detailed instructions

Follow the link and click on the Download button. Check I agree on the next page and Download. Save the zip file to your computer. Unzip the file. Open ArcMap. On the Tools menu, select Customize. Click the button Add From File. Find the folder that you just unzipped and find imagemap.dll. Select imagemap.dll and Open. While still in the Customize box, find Image Mapper on the list of Categories. Click on Image Mapper. In the right box (Commands) you will see an icon and Image Map Command. Select his and drag the icon onto a toolbar in ArcMap.

Export to KML*

Detailed Instructions

Click on the Download link on the left. Save the Export_to_KML zip file to your computer. Unzip and open the folder. Double-click on the ExporttoKML_INSTALL.bat file and select Run. Open ArcMap, click on Tools >Extensions and check the box next to Export to KML. Locate the ArcMap toolbar list under View > Toolbars and check Export to KML. A new toolbar will be added to the ArcMap interface.

*Windows Only