CLEAR Research

Maps on the Web


Keep it Simple: Static Images

Activity Link Static images (screenshots)
  Regular PDFs
Activity Link Creating Multiple Maps using Mapbook
Activity Link Download and the Image Mapper Tool
Activity Link GeoPDF

Application + Geospatial data = Cool Map Mashup (The Piggy Back Approach)

  Map Mashups 101 (What is a Mashup?)
Activity Link Mashups for Dummies using Google MyMaps
Activity Link Creating KML in Google Earth Getting or Creating Geospatial Data for a Mashup (Creating KMLs)
Activity Link Converting data to KML
Activity Link For ArcMap Users, Shape to KML
Activity Link Rapid Mashup with Map Builder Graduating to Advanced Mashups
Activity Link Google Maps API
  Tips and Tricks and Other Cool Mashups

Interactive Map Services and Viewers

Activity Link ESRI Interactive Map Services (ArcIMS)
Activity Link ESRI ArcGIS Services (ArcGIS Server)
  Other Interactive Mapping Software

Consuming Interactive Services

Activity Link ArcExplorer Free ArcGIS Explorer and ArcExplorer
Activity Link ArcGIS Explorer
  Where to find Interactive Services