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Export to KML Extension for ArcGIS Users

Export to KML is an ArcScript developed for ArcGIS by the City of Portland, Bureau of Planning. It is an extension to ArcMap that allows users to export a GIS data layer to KML format. The KML can then be opened and viewed in Earth browsers including Google Earth, Google Maps, Bing Maps, and ArcGIS Explorer. Below are a few examples of how Export to KML can be used to convert GIS data to KML format.

Download the free Export to KML extension for ArcGIS


Using Export to KML

The Export to KML extension allows users to select an attribute field for labeling features, and a field with Z-values that represent the height of the feature (if applicable).


Export to KML allows the user to select additional export parameters including layer transparency, and label and feature attributes.


The output KML file in Google Earth:


Another example of a KML file created using the Export to KML extension for ArcGIS that includes watershed boundaries and summary statistics for watersheds in Connecticut. Export to KML also has the ability to incorporate ArcGIS layer symbology and labeling of vector features.

Do It Yourself

Activity Link Want to try it on your own? Click the activity link to open an exercise that takes you step-by-step through creating your own KML from GIS data in ArcMap!