Open Space Management Plan

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Part 2. General Goals

This section should answer the question: Why did you acquire this property? 

This section sets the broad goals of the Plan, and provides the foundation for the more detailed recommendations in Part 6.

A. How does this property fit into other open space plans?
B. What are your goals?

A. How does this property fit into town/state open space plans or existing open space?

Examples of goals might be:

  • Protect and manage significant tract of undeveloped land

  • Protect and/or connect corridors (e.g. riparian, wildlife)

  • Protect an area indentified in the town as high priority open space

The State's overall goal is to preserve 21% of Connecticut's land, or 674,210 acres, as green space by the year 2023. To date, 72% of the goal has been acheived through the direct purchase of open space by the State (250,946 acres) and through state support of local acquisitions (352,634 acres).

Key References

The CT DEP Open Space website includes:

  • The Green Plan: Guiding Land Acquisition and Protection in Connecticut 2007-2012

  • Links to The Recreation and Natural Heritage Trust Program

  • List of Connecticut Land Trusts

  • Open Space and greenway properties owned by the State

  • Farmland preservation information

B. What are your goals for public use of the property? Is the property open to the public?

  • Provide the public with opportunities for recreational and scenic enjoyment 

  • Encourage scientific research, monitoring and inventory work

  • Provide for environmental education opportunities


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