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Watershed Boundary Database

The Watersehd Boundary Dataset is the highest resolution (HUC 12) standardized watershed delineation that is being developed on a nationwide scale. The USDA NRCS is responsible for developing the WBD in collaboration with other federal agencies and appropriate state water resource agencies. Watershed delineations for the New England area have been completed and watersheds that are totally or partially within Connecticut were downloaded and assembled into a project database. The map below depicts the 228 watersheds that cover Connecticut. These watersheds will serve as the aggregation areas for which watershed metrics will be developed.

HUC12 watersheds that cover the state of Connecticut

Number of HUC12 watersheds - 228
Average size in square miles - 31.44
Minimum size in square miles - 0.73
Maximum size in square miles - 61.96
Standard deviation in square miles - 13.82