Agricultural Land Use - Cromwell

Areas actively used for agriculture in 1970 are shown in brown in the map below. Areas that were still used for agriculture in 2006 are shown in green (all 2006 agricultural areas were also agriculture in 1970). The mapping protocol used to create the original 1970 map specified that only areas of 10 or more acres in size were to be included. The total area of agricultural land use in 1970 was approximately 1,693 acres which represents just over 20% of the area of the town. By 2006, only 700 acres of the original 1970 farmland was still being used for agriculture. Click here to download a PDF file that contains a map of Cromwell along with tables and charts describing agricultural land use change between 1970 and 2006. (Note: the PDF file is best viewed using Abode reader 7. It contains layers of map data that can be turned on/off for visualization purposes.)