Great Gull Island Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Photogrammetric Mapping Project

Mapping Project

Owned by the American Museum of Natural History in New York, Great Gull Island is a 17 acre bird sanctuary located seven miles off shore of Connecticut at the entrance to the “Race” between Plum Island/Orient Point and Fisher’s Island in New York State. By boat it takes about an hour to reach the island from Niantic bay in Connecticut.

Location Map Aerial of Great Gull Island

In 2013, as part of a restoration project, Connecticut Sea Grant and the University of Connecticut Extension partnered with Helen Hays to create a vegetation management plan designed to improve nesting habitat. Helen is the Director of the Great Gull Island (GGI) Project. GGI is managed as a Roseate and Common Tern nesting colony.

One portion of the project included creating a high resolution map. The following describes our project to create the image map of Great Gull Island with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAS) technology. Follow the links below for details about the process: The preparations required, the flights, and the post processing Pix4DMapper software.

Go to Flight Operation and PlanningGreat Gull Ortho and DSM

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Credits:  Project funded by EPA Long Island Sound Study Futures Fund and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, CT Sea Grant and UConn Cooperative Extension, with technical assistance from USFWS, Univ of Connecticut, MASS Audubon, and Univ of Rhode Island.