2002 Coastal Riparian Buffer Analysis


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Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

The results of this research are presented as the statistical tables by individual subregional watersheds, the basic unit of the study. This detailed information is too involved to list on this web page, so we’ve created some very lengthy tables in PDF and excel format (click here to see our Detailed Results page).

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GIS and Mapping Data

A number of GIS data layers (shapefiles) were created. This GIS data used to be on our Interactive Map. However, it is outdated and has been removed. We have since created newer interactive maps for all of CT. Visit our Long Island Sound Watershed Changing Landscape project's Riparian Land Cover Map Gallery to view this data. (The Interactive Map allows you to explore the buffers results in map form.)

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The Summary document provides a good overview of the project and interesting findings.

Read the Project Completion Report for more detailed explanations of the data and techniques. The Appendices are not attached to the report. To see the data tables, visit the Detailed Results page. Click here see Appendix A, the two-page public summary. Click here to see Appendix J, the detailed methods.