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N-Sink Tool





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Flex Viewer

The N-Sink tool is built using the ArcGIS API for Adobe Flex. In order to use the tool, your browser must have the Adobe Flash Player 10 or above installed. See for more information about how to download Adobe’s latest Flash Player free of charge.


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Base Maps

There are four different basemap options: Topographic, States, Imagery, and Neutral Gray. Click on the button to switch between base maps.

N-Sink Base Maps

Data Layers

Data Layers WidgetIf the Data Layers box is not open, click on the Data Layers Widget to show the Data Layer list.

A layer can be turned on or off by checking the box next to the layer name. If the layer is part of a layer group, the group name must also be checked (see Layer Groups section below).


Map Layers On and OffFor example, Flow Direction is the Group and must be on for either the 1000m Cell Size layer or the 500m Cell Size layer to draw. Here, the 100-m Cell Size layer is checked (visible on the map) and the 500m Cell Size layer is unchecked (not visible on the map).

Data layers menuNext to each layer in the Data Layers list is a down arrow (orange circle here). Click on the down arrow to see options to:

Zoom To changes the map extent to that of the lower (in this case, Flow Lines).
Move Up and Move Down changes the order of the layers. Layers draw in the order they are listed so a layer on top can hide layers underneath it.
The Description takes you to what is called the REST endpoint. It is a technical GIS page with all the information about the map service. Transparency bar
Transparency: slide the bar from opaque (soild) to transparent (see-through). This is mighty handy when layers overlap and you want to see through one.


Legend WidgetThe Legend widget displays the colors and symbols for all map layers that are actively being displayed or checked on. Open the Legend by clicking on the button (shown left). You may need to scroll in the legend to see all the layers.

Calculating Nitrogen Removal

Coming Soon!


Data Layers
Nitrogen Removal
  Lakes and Ponds, Percent Removal  
  Rivers and Streams, Percent Removal  
Watersheds, HUC12
  Pour Point Location USGS NHD
  Flow Direction USGS NHD
  - 1000m Cell Size  
  - 500m Cell Size  
  - 250m Cell Size  
  - 100m Cell Size  
  - HUC12 Boundaries  
Hydrography, NHD Plus
  Flow Lines USGS NHD
  Waterbodies USGS NHD
  Hydric Soils, SSURGO Natural Resource Conservation Service
  Stream Reaches USGS NHD
  Catchments USGS NHD
Land Cover
  NLCD 2006 National Land Cover Dataset
  Elevation USGS National Elevation Dataset (NED)
  Hillshade USGS National Elevation Dataset (NED)