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N-Sink Partners

University of Rhode Island Coastal Institute

The mission of the Coastal Institute is to advance knowledge and develop solutions to environmental problems in coastal ecosystems.

University of Connecticut Center for Land Use Education and Research

CLEAR provides information, education and assistance to Connecticut's land use decision makers, community organizations and citizens on how to better protect natural resources while accommodating economic growth.

U.S. EPA Office of Research and Development

EPA is forging a path forward to develop sustainable solutions to the nation's highest priority science needs. 

About the N-Sink Project

"N-Sink" is a cutting-edge web tool, usable by anyone with just a little familiarization.

The N-Sink tool was created to be a useful, easy way for local land use managers to explore the relationship between land use and nitrogen pollution in their waters.  N-Sink uses the best available science on land use/nitrogen interactions, plus widely available basic datasets for waterway networks, soils and land use, to highlight major sources and sinks of nitrogen within a watershed context. 

Funding for N-Sink web tool development provided by EPA Office of Research and Development.

Nitrogen (N)

Nitrogen (N) is increasingly being identified as a pollutant of concern in both coastal and inland waters.  Because N generation has a direct relationship with land use, better management of N needs to include land use planning and stormwater runoff strategies.